Who Are We?


e are a rag tag group of creative free thinkers who want our clients to get the recognition they deserve.

At Hi5 Biz Solutions, we take a different approach to digital marketing and web design. Our founder, Jacob Shireman, started this company to provide real business solutions to real businesses who do not have the access to resources like big corporations.  Our goal is for each organization to become successful and to reach their bottom-line. We know you could careless about websites, social media and other marketing stuff. You care about one thing–RESULTS!

At Hi5 Biz Solutions, we do not take a “cookie cutter” approach with our digital marketing and business solutions. Each new client is qualified and interviewd to provide a custom solution unique to that organization’s goals. You will find that we just don’t take on just any new client for the sale. We will only take on a new client if we can successfully help reach their goals and make them successful. Their success is our success.

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